Mark Miller

The Devil Had Suffered Another Loss

I was riding with a friend of mine on his delivery route. It was a rainy night and we were heading up US 31 to Plymouth, IN. I was under conviction, because I was lost and I knew it. I was sure I could handle things on my own, though. As we drove that night, the weather got worse. I realized that if something happened and I died, I’d never see my wife and family again. It was very clear to me that I couldn’t get what I wanted on my own. We were listening to a Patterson tape. I began to cry in fear. I started out telling the Lord that He was going to save my soul, but I figured out that telling Him that He was going to save my soul wasn’t the right approach. I began asking Him to save my soul. As we drove on, the wind picked up. The harder the wind blew, the harder it rained and the harder I cried. It was at that point that I humbled down and started begging the Lord to save my soul. I don’t know how far we drove or remember anything we passed. I don’t even know how long I prayed, but I do know and remember that my tears of fear turned to tears of happiness and joy. There was such a relief in my heart. I turned to my friend and said, “If we don’t make it home tonight, it doesn’t matter. Everything will be all right.” I told him the Lord had saved my soul and I knew I was going to Heaven. This was on Thursday night. Right away, I was feeling doubt about what had happened to me. I kept everything in until Sunday–until Jerry Patterson came to me and asked me to go up to the altar. I went and tried to pray, but I couldn’t. There was just nothing there to pray for. From there, I rose to my feet with a little shout and a big grin on my face, and told that the Lord had saved my soul. Right then, I knew for sure, without a doubt, that the devil had suffered another loss. Thank You Lord!