Andrew Horton

On the night of February 16th, 1997, I became under great conviction of the Holy Spirit. It was revealed unto me that I was lost, not saved, and unprepared to meet God. I became overwhelmingly afraid, and in deep contrition. I began to pray and seek God for the Salvation of my young soul. I confessed with my mouth that I was a sinner, and believed that Jesus was the son of God, and offered God every possession I had at eight years old. However, I didn’t experience a change, nothing felt different, I hadn’t received the gift that is referenced in Eph 2:8. So I prayed all the more, praying and begging aloud for God to save me, still no change. I began to get desperate, I was not aware of anything else I could do to be saved. I promised I would be obedient, that I would make a good servant, that I would always give my absolute all for the work of God, yet still no Salvation. It was at that point I completely surrendered myself before and the most high God, and expressed that I had nothing else to offer him, my exact words were, ” I give up”. It was in that moment of complete helplessness, and total dependency, the The Lord reached down, and cleansed my sinful soul in the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. I joined Harmony Missionary Baptist Church(Nashville, TN) the next Sunday, and was baptized in to the congregation soon there after.