The Pattersons

This page is a dedication to Larry Patterson and the life he lived. He was always willing to sing when the Lord told him to. He will be missed, but we wouldn’t bring him back for anything. Our loss is Heavens gain. I can only imagine Larry is singing praises to the King right now.

“The Old Ship of Zion”
1. “I’m Gonna Ride That Glory Cloud”
2. “It Satisfies Me”
3. “The Old Ship Of Zion”
4. “I’ll Not Be Moved”
5. “Just One More Soul”
6. “I Am Redeemed”
7. “I Got Ahold Of God This Morning”
8. “I’ll Live Again”
9. “I Know What Lies Ahead”
10. “Give Him The Battle”
11. “Right On Time”
12. “The Preaching Of The Cross”
13. “Oh, What A Glad Day”
14. “Power In Prayer”

“Peace Filled My Soul”
1. “Reunion In Heaven”
2. “My Hiding Place”
3. “Peace Filled My Soul”
4. “There’s Power In God’s Son”
5. “That’s Enough”
6. “Master Of The Sea”
7. “Sheltered In The Arms of God”
8. “Arise”
9. “Walking Home”
10. “That Heavenly Home”

“The New Generation”
1. “Boundless Love”
2. “I Want Us To Be Together In Heaven”
3. “Oh Children”
4. “I Mean To Go Through”
5. “Thank You Mama For Praying For Me”
6. “Soul Food”
7. “Glory Is Waiting”
8. “I Can See The Other Side”
9. “Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet”
10. “The Plan of Salvation”

“Look What I’ve Traded For A Mansion”
1. “Look What I’ve Traded For A Mansion”
2. “Unworthy”
3. “Look What’s Waiting For Me”
4. “When I Knelt The Blood Fell”
5. “You Can’t Shake Hands With A Mortal Man”
6. “He Took Me In”
7. “Tears Will Never Stain”
8. “Gettin’ Ready To Leave”
9. “Here I Am”
10. “When I’ve Gone The Last Mile”

“He’s In The Midst”
1. “Glory Road”
2. “Miracle In Me”
3. “I’ll Drop My Anchor”
4. “The Blood Is Still There”
5. “He’s In The Midst”
6. “Moses”
7. “No Longer A Stranger”
8. “It’ll Be Worth It After All”
9. “Go Rest High”
10. “So Much God”

“Land of Eternal Life In Memory of Big Mama Patterson”
1. “Let’s Restore The Family Altar”
2. “Land of Eternal Life”
3. “What A Meeting”
4. “It’s So Peaceful”
5. “Can You Feel It?”
6. “There’s Work For Us To Do”
7. “Beulah Land”
8. “That Sounds Like Home”
9. “Gloryland”
10. “Saints Will Rise”

“When I Step Off On That Beautiful Shore”
1. “Look On The Brighter Side”
2. “Going Home”
3. “When I Step Off On That Beautiful Shore”
4. “Come Spring”
5. “My Mama”
6. “Oh What A Happy Day”
7. “I’ll Be Waiting For You”
8. “Old Time Preaching Man”
9. “Look Up”
10. “What Heaven Means To Me”
11. “On The Other Side of Jordan”