Brian Debolt

By The Love of God

There was a time when all of the evil temptations of this world were knocking on my door. A lot of them were getting in, whether I let them in or not. It wasn’t until I heard from a powerful source, through a loving man, The Gospel of Truth, that things changed. Salvation is the way and hell is the alternate route. My so-called Christianity was nil and void in the eyes of God. My heart fell and my mind was telling me all kinds of lies. Satan was pulling hard. I knew in my heart that falling to my knees was the answer. I can’t tell you how many times I came before God. I can tell you that while I was seeking the Lord for salvation, it felt like forever. Then finally, the Sunday before Easter in 1996, after moving all of my worldly grasps aside, the loving Savior let me in. O what a blessing! It was like nothing I have ever known. My heart was lifted for miles, it seemed. For hours afterward, I was still feeling the most beautiful gift of all. Still today, my heart is lifted up to the Lord, trying to thank Him for what He has done for me.