Kim Patterson

I Felt A Peace Come Over Me

During our annual revival one summer at Drakes Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Franklin, KY–on a Monday night–is when the Lord saved my soul. I had been a seeker for several years. I was to the point where I didn’t know if it would ever happen or what to expect. I casually went to the altar, as I had on many occasions. I was having a silent prayer, when all of a sudden, I felt a peace come over me. It was just like when something is weighing so heavily on you and then your burden is relieved. Well, I was like, “What was that? Could that be it? After all these years, it would have to be more than that. Why didn’t I get up and run or shout?” The devil was really having a heyday with me. When church dismissed, I got up and went on about my business, but all the way home, all i could think about was that peace I had felt during my prayer. When I got home, I went straight to my room and began praying and asking God to show me where I stood and to please give me a sign if I had been saved. After I prayed, it wasn’t very long until there was a knock at my bedroom door. It was my little cousin. They lived about 20 miles north of us in Bowing Green, KY. On their way home from church, she had started crying and told her mom that she needed to talk to me. So, her mom turned around and brought her to my house. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she thought she was lost. I said, “Oh my goodness! I think I got saved tonight!” At that moment, I knew that she was my sign from God that I had prayed for. We began talking and I tried to explain to her what it felt like to be lost. I made her promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone that I thought I had been saved, because I wanted to be sure. The next night, we went back to revival and right away, they opened the doors of the church. My heart was pounding so heavy that I thought I was going to pass out. I literally had to hold on to the pew with both hands to keep from falling on my face. My aunt was standing next to me and my cousin had told her what I had said. My cousin made her promise not to say anything to me, so she didn’t. I immediately started trying to tell God that I needed to go back to the altar just one more time to be sure. When they had the altar call, I went and I was numb. I couldn’t pray. I wasn’t fearful, but the devil had such a grip on me that I didn’t let the Lord use me as He had requested. I finally started praying for God to please send someone over to talk to me. Once again, God answered my prayer and my pastor, Bro. Thomas Carter, went and got my dad. I then told my dad that I had been saved. That was the greatest time of my life, but I also regretted not following God’s lead to join the church that night. I have tried to learn from that. When God gives me a burden, I will try to follow. I trust that if we will all do God’s will and be in one mind and one accord, we will see great things happen. God bless you all!