Lindsy Horton

Well I don’t remember the exact time I knew I was lost! I was probably around 7 yrs old, of course I was raised in this faith ALL my life! I remember it was a Sunday morning and me and Katie Smith were sitting by my grandma! Katie asked if I wanted to go up and pray with her and I said yes! So, I went up there knowing I couldn’t pray for her until I got myself straightened out! The doors of the church were opened and Katie got up from praying and joined! That is when I got serious and really wanted to be saved! I began to really pray and it came to the point where I told God he could take me right then as long as he would save me and take me to heaven! All of a sudden, it felt like a huge boulder was lifted from my shoulders! I didn’t tell it for 2 years because the devil got right it there and talked me out of it! During Fellowship’s revival I told it and have never doubted it since, nor will I ever!