Hayden Patterson

April 4, 2004
I was an 8 year old boy who had not a worry in the world. I wasn’t paying attention to the service. I didn’t listen to the sermon and the music was just background noise to my constant day dreaming. All of a sudden, the music became more clear and I felt trouble upon my heart. Growing up in this faith, I knew if I had any problems I should go to God. As I prayed, I remembered Brother Watts preaching about Hell and the only way to escape it is through salvation. So when I prayed, I began saying “Lord, I will not give up until you save me!” So I began to bargain saying I would give up my toys, my bike, house, and eventually parents. I prayed, repeatedly begging God just to save me and I would be a good soldier for Him. I told Him I would sing or preach for Him, which He held that promise. Then my mind just went blank. I didn’t know what else to say or what to do. So I said “Lord, I give up. There is nothing I can do for you to save me. It’s all in your power.” And at that moment of realizing it isn’t my doing, but His, He had saved my soul.

There are many things that stand in the way of people being saved. It always has to deal with an internal battle of the lost individual. My problem was that I believed I had to do something to be saved, when it’s all God’s doing. It’s our job to go to Him and repent that HE will save us.