Larry Patterson

Thank God I Have Peace With Him

As a young child, I remember going to Drakes Creek Missionary Baptist Church and listening to the preachers preach, though I did not pay too much attention to what they were saying. Then, as a 12-year old boy, I realized that I was lost, but was not too concerned because I was not under conviction. On a Thursday night in July, as a 13-year old boy, I went home with Jackie Gann, one of the young lads I ran with. We both had gone to the altar from time to time. That Thursday afternoon, Jackie said, “Let’s go into the tobacco patch and pray.” I still wasn’t under conviction, but as I went farther and farther into the tobacco patch, the sermon that Brother Arnet Gregory had preached on Wednesday night set up in my heart. I thought that I would smother before I got out of that patch. The pangs of hell got a hold of me and found trouble and sorrow. Brother Gregory had said, “Have you ever seen a pond on a brisk autumn morning with steam rising up from the chill in the air and the warm water?” He said that reminded him of the cries of lost people coming up from hell. I sought the Lord with all of my heart–at least I thought I was. I carried that burden from Thursday to Sunday. Around 2:30 in the afternoon, I found the Lord under the mourner’s bench.
One of the big hindrances that I let the devil put before me was that my clothes were ragged, my shoes were tore up and people would make fun of me. When I finally got to the point that nothing mattered but my salvation, the Lord graciously saved my soul. When I came to myself, all of God’s people were gathered around me, shouting and praising God that I had been saved. Thank God I have peace with Him!