Gary Cooper

I have always had a good relationship with God.  I was raised in church until I was 9 years old, then went to church sometimes on my own accord.  Later in life, I had some personal “come to Jesus” moments but found myself not sure where I stood with God.  I got married and we attended Southside Missionary Baptist Church, which changed my  life forever.  I now knew I was in trouble.  I prayed forever it seemed to be saved.  I asked God to help me and show me the way, but I still relied on my old ways.  I finally made it to my lowest point, but instead of asking to be saved, I told God that my life is no longer in my hands.  That he was gonna have to take over.  I can’t do this myself.  Do with me whatever you see to do with me.  As I prayed that morning(October 2, 2015) in the dark in my room by myself the whole room lit up like I was five feet from the sun.  I couldn’t open my eyes like a force greater than me wouldn’t let me.  I finally relaxed as the shock was great, and I felt as though a river was rushing thru my body like all my demons were leaving.  I felt the greatest relief.  I felt free.  I knew right then the God had saved my soul.  I opened my eyes and the world was brighter.  I could see so clearly and my mind was so decisive.  My life was changed.  I spread the word about being saved, and I am so thankful God has saved my soul and given me hope through Jesus Christ.  I love Southside Missionary Baptist Church and my new family.