Cheyenne Debolt

I don’t remember the date that I was saved, however, that doesn’t matter. I do remember the day. I was saved on a Wednesday evening in my bed. It was the first time that I had experienced REAL conviction. I was laying down next to my sister (who shared a room with me at the time) and we began to say our “bedtime” prayer. I suddenly got up and told her I was saved, jokingly. She went on to tell me how I shouldn’t joke about that and how important it is to truly be saved. At that point, I felt so low. I felt like I had so much weight on my shoulders and I began feeling sick. I asked her if she would pray with me one more time because I was scared to sleep, or even move. I offered everything I had to the Lord, but that didn’t work. Finally, after feeling so broken, I gave up. I had nothing else to give, and the Lord saved me. I didn’t see any sparkling lights or any fireworks. There was no big show. I just felt a sweet peace. All of my worry, doubt, and pride was replaced with peace, and I know when I leave this earthly life, I will go home to be with the Lord.