Hello Friends,

It’s Bro.Drew , here to share some time with you on our website. Although I don’t have any idea how many views this website gets , I pray that if you are reading this , it is a blessing to you in some small way. So let’s get started….

This entry’s is looking at some basic truths about Life as a Child of God , and what we face on a daily basis. I have title this entry The Latest Fads, so lets take a look at what a fad is , as defined by Webster…..

Fad- A practice or interest, followed for a time or span , with exaggerated zeal. An intense and widely shared enthusiasm with a particular object , event , action. Typically short lived, not expected to last for an extended period of time.

It seems that fads are all around us in this day and age. Unfortunately, we do not have to look far to see that Serving the Lord, and doing Gods work does seem to be a fad of too many of God’s people , and members of the Lord’s church. The work of the Lord is not something that should be a sporadic , inconsistent work , but rather a lifelong dedication to serve and follow. The Apostle Paul gives excellent instruction toward this concept in the Roman Letter….

Roman 12:11  ……. “Fervent in spirit , serving the Lord.”

Fervency is hard to come by in todays society. We live in an instant gratification society (ATM society). We want to pull up , show our credentials , and drive away blessed. However , Bible does not teach us that this is the way we should live our lives. Fervency is not a word we see used in today’s conversations, but truly to understand what Paul was instructing in Romans , we must look at what fervency means at its core.

Fervent – from the Greek word zeo, meaning to boil hot , with great zeal for good, to burn hot without ceasing.

As I am sure you know, I am not a Greek Scholar; however, I do feel it helps when studying the word of God, if we look at the original language to understand its full meaning. So in doing so , you can see that Paul was telling the Romans that serving God should be without ceasing. Serving God should be a constant priority in all of our lives. If we will serve the Lord with fervency , and stay true to his work , He promises he will bless his Children. We look at another one of Paul’s writings next , which reiterates this truth ….

Titus 2:7  “In all things, showing thyself a pattern of good works.”

The word used in the passage of scripture is pattern. If we look at this for a moment , a pattern is following the same action in a repetitive fashion, in order to complete a task. Paul says to Titus (Paul’s representative to the to the Island of Crete), that young Christian men should have a pattern of good works, a pattern that was visible , and able to be followed by others. Now when we relate this to how today looks at the work of God, the concepts don’t jive. The world wants to teach us that serving God is something that is good , but not required, just an action that is optional, and available to those that wish to participate. The is directly contrary to the Word of God. Serving God should not be a fad, but a lifelong dedication to serving God.

It seems that one of the most common fads of today is Homosexuality , or as some wish to call it, ”Coming Out”. Every day we are overwhelmed by popular , famous people who admit to being openly gay. Fads aren’t always sinful though. Dances, games , online challenges are all the latest crazes of the next generation. Let me give all the young people who are reading this some advice, the work of God far surpasses the latest frenzies of this life, and its blessings far outweigh the fame and recognition of any Fad. It is the most important work , and it is imperative that we spend our entire lives striving to serve God.

I will leave you with this scripture,

Matthew 16:24 ” If any man will come after me , let him deny himself , and take up his cross , and follow me.”

I believe that Jesus Christ is telling us an excellent truth in this passage. One that the Disciples would perfectly understand, but may be somewhat foreign to us in today’s world. It is understood that the disciples were extremely familiar with the practice of Crucifixion, as it was a very common form of Roman execution. In understanding that , we look at a typical crucifixion, the accused is brought before the Court to be judged. If the accused is found guilty , the Charge of the Criminal was carved in the cross, then the accused picks up his own cross, and carries it to the place of the accused’s death. The charge is put on the cross , so that all could see as the criminal travels to his destination, what crime was punishable by death. Hence , the reason Jesus’ Cross read “King of the Jews”, because he was guilty of nothing except being the prophesied Son of God. I say that to show that carrying ones cross is intended to be the last and only work one does after picking it up. So, if you are a child of God, Jesus instructs us to pick up our cross (our part in his work) and carry it , and only it , until we leave this walk of life. What a beautiful message , in just one simple scripture.

I hope something in this passage has been a blessing to you, and until next time, God Bless you all is my prayer.

Bro. Drew