Hello Friends ,

My name is Brother Andrew Horton , and I am the new Pastor of Southside Missionary Baptist Church. I would like to take a moment and thank you for visiting our website , and to invite you to any and all of our services. Southside is a small Baptist Church , whose primary focus is serving and praising an Almighty God. We strive to worship the Lord in spirit and truth , as instructed in John 4:24. Any and all are welcome to attend our services, we enjoy and encourage visitors to come to  one of our services , and find out for yourself what we are all about.

I would like to give you all a portion of autobiography from myself , to share what God has done in my life , as well as how I came to be where I am today. I was born to a young Pastor (Eld Mark Horton) and his wife (Regina) on January 23 ,1989. My family was grounded in the Missionary Baptist Church , and I was carried to the house of the Lord from my birth. As I began to grow and learn more about God , and his Son, Jesus , I became very curious as to how I could have a personal relationship with God. I asked many questions , and sought advice from the Elders of the Church , asking how I would know that I was Lost ,and separated from God , and how would I know when God had Saved my unworthy soul.  The answer still rings clear in my memory  , “You’ll Know.” Although at the time , the answer created great uncertainty in my young mind , I soon came to know that what they had said was true.

On the night of February 16th, 1997 , I became under great conviction of the Holy Spirit , it was revealed unto me that I was lost , not saved , and unprepared to meet God. I became overwhelmingly afraid , and in deep contrition. I began to pray and seek God for the Salvation of my young soul. I confessed with my mouth that I was a sinner , and believed that Jesus was the son of God , and offered God every possession I had at eight years old. However, I didn’t experience a change , nothing felt different , I hadn’t received the gift that is referenced in Eph 2:8. So I prayed all the more , praying and begging aloud for God to save me, still no change. I began to get desperate , I was not aware of anything else I could do to be saved. I promised I would be obedient , that I would make a good servant , that I would always give my absolute all for the work of God , yet still no Salvation. It was at that point I completely surrendered myself before and the most high God , and expressed that I had nothing else to offer him , my exact words were, ” I give up” . It was in that moment of complete helplessness , and total dependency , the The Lord reached down, and cleansed my sinful soul in the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. I joined Harmony Missionary Baptist Church(Nashville, TN) the next Sunday , and was baptized in to the congregation soon there after.

I continued to grow up in the work of the Lord through many different congregation , as my Dad held the Pastorate at four different churches while I lived at home. I met a young lady at the Church where I was saved when I was the ripe age of nine years old. This seven year old girl instantly stole my heart , and I knew there was something special about her. We dated periodically over the years , and remained great friends until my freshman year of college. I saw this young lady I had met nearly ten years previously , and was immediately drawn to her , and knew that something about this beautiful girl was different than I had ever felt before. We began dating full time , and during our courtship , I began to attend Southside on a more frequent basis. In the Spring of 2008 the Lord lead me to join Southside Missionary Baptist Church, and in the Spring of 2009, that beautiful young woman agreed to be my wife. Lindsy has been such a tremendous blessing to me and my ministry. We have grown together in the Lord in our first two years of our marriage, and in the Spring of 2013, the Lord blest our home with a child , Leelan.

In the Spring of 2009, I got a job working for one of our deacons (my father-in-law) , at a small print shop on the south side of Indy. I would read my Bible as much as I possibly could , and try to grow in the knowledge of God’s word. It was while I was reading the 10th Chapter of Romans , that the Lord called me into the ministry of the Gospel. I did not surrender my life to the calling until the fall of 2009. In August of that same year , I preached my first sermon at Southside. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to preach at many different Churches all over the U.S. , However, my heart has always remained at Southside.

In the fall of 2013 , the Lord began to reveal to me ,through the Holy Spirit,  his will for me in my life . The Spirit exposed the church to the exact same will within a matter of weeks. My love and burden for the church at Southside launched to a new level when the Church elected me as their new pastor. I will strive in every way to give all that I have in service to the Lord  in this new position. I desire an interest in the prayers of God’s people as the Church moves into this next chapter of service together.

I hope this small reading has given you a glimpse into my life , where I came from , and how I got to where I am today. I would personally like to invite you to visit us at Southside any chance that you get. We love and encourage seeing new faces every week at service. For all of those that are reading that are children of God , know that you and your congregation are always in our prayers. For those of you reading that do not know the Lord in the free pardon of sin , it is my prayer that you will be drawn by the Spirit of God to an alter of repentance, trust in the Lord with all your heart , and seek the Lord diligently until you find peace that passeth all understanding (Phil 4:7). Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions, concerns, or just to say hello and God Bless. May God richly bless your life.

Love and Prayers,

Bro. Drew